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Strong1 brothers.ltd Satellite Telecommunication in business for over 30 years serving technology
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Counting an Services Division

Strong is in business for over 30 years. We value our customers.We are here to answer any question that you need to know about Satellite Telecommunication, hardware/software. We help client worldwide to build earth station and get them licensing from federal and local government authority, that is what Strong is all about.
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About Strong Technology

HD delivery over IP. In a short time, Strong1 has become the leader in digital service providing Set Top Boxes international satellite television viewers enjoying sitting back and relaxing clicking remote control channels up & down and voice recocgnation enjoying entertainment of Strong technology receiver products.Product and services.
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World Enertainment IPTV

The Digital Age is changing the way we communicate and conduct business. Data telecommunication plays a vital role in connecting and developing the world s poorest countries by linking their people and integrating them into the global economy, making more accessible. Increasing social and political pressures placed on our data .